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KLUG MeetUp9

Dear Kotliners,
We are almost ready for our next meeting!
Kotlin Lviv User Group - KLUG together with CoreValue Ukraine are looking forward to seeing you on October 29 at Territory Coworking територія коворкінгу on Kn. Olgy Street, 114.
The registration will start at 19.00.

Our first speaker is a very ambitious developer:
Dmytro Dmytryshyn will talk about “Software Design & Architecture
The main purpose of the presentation is to understand what object-oriented design and architecture are and what is the difference between them. We will talk about design principles and discuss concepts such as coupling and cohesion. We will also find out what it is UML diagram and CRC cards.
Dmytro is android developer at Volpis;
Active KLUG member and a Perfectionist of terminology.

Our second speaker is KLUGs’ founder and co-organizer Oleg Semen
Android developer at Hustro with more than 11 years of experience.
His talk will be about “Kotlin != Java”
Often Kotlin is associated with Java. But in fact, Kotlin touches areas where Java've never been. So let's figure out why and how it is different.

Are you going to visit us for the first time?
Registration for you here >>>
If you have already visited our events, registration for you is not obligatory, just confirm request on your calendar!


Цільова аудиторія
29.10.2019 19:00 - 22:00 Uhr
Вільні місця0
Місце проведення події
м.Львів, вул.Кн.Ольги, 114